Top 3 Tech Gift Ideas

This is my Top 3 Gifts to buy someone techy, who you might’ve forgot to buy for;
How this Is going to work is, I’m going to go through Amazon and see what would be good as a gift! There will be the link to where you can buy it; Prices may vary
Lets get started;

  1. The first one is The Nexus 6P This phone is the top of the market at the moment and is great! The finger print sensor on the back of it; so you can be sure your entertainment is secure
    You can get it here
  2. Next is the UE ROLL if you want a good quality speaker which is dirt and sand proof and waterproof, this is the speaker for you! This is greatYou can buy it here
  3. If you want to give someone the oppotunity to up their Instagram game then this is a great camera for starting out in Photography. This the Canon EOS 1200D This camera has great customisability for all your ISO and Depth-of-field shots
    You can buy it here


Phones and Tablets

I saw a post on the news the other day which caught my attention.
This was ‘iPad and mobile phones to be banned in all schools.’
This is a joke, in my opinion technology should be used in the classroom as its advancing. My school allows devices to be on us but not seen unless allowed by a teacher. That is still not okay.
When technology is advancing as it is we should embrace the new technology and use it in the classroom. Its the future. Teachers tell us to be more futureistic but how can we when were not aloud to use the new technology.
Rant over,
See you next time,
Archie 🙂