Digital Leader Application

Hello, Sir/Miss/Teacher reading, 
    Here is my application for the ‘Digital Leaders’ this page is secured and no-one can read it! 
Hi, I’m Archie currently doing GCSE ICT and I wanted to help out with the Digital Leaders and this is something along the lines of what me and Mr Coupe were talking about last academic year! The reason I’m appling is ,
A, Miss Joyce and Me. Coupe advised me to, as they said “You’re good at that sort of stuff”-Miss Joyce on list online it said for me to say how it would help my Confidence! It would help my confidence in helping others and telling them ‘A, B, or C’ to whichever I get, if i get anything. I don’t want to stand up in assemblies as such, as I wouldn’t be able to, I’d look like a beatroot! The specific ‘technological hardware’ I’m good with consist of:
-Cameras (Photography)
-Computers (Hardware and Software)
-Tablets/iPads (Either or (More knowledge with iPads)) 

Im okay with HTML, not the best however! 
I can’t do English to save my life, so the Journalist is not an option, for me! On aother, Non-Privated posts on my blog, I said I used and helped people on a Minecraft Gaming forum where I help people go to the right page and tell them if they can or cannot use a specific game altering software, compiling with the rules! So i thought I’d say i wouldnt mind doing the Firefly Champion one! 
I know as you’ll look at my log for year 7 and 8 you’ll see I wasn’t the best; Year 7 getting 1141 behaviour points and 400 odd in year 8! 
Regarding me and photos/photography, I thought I’d add some photos here to show how I’m like with a camera 

Most of them apart form the bottom one were taken on my phone.

The jobs I think I’d be good at are
-Digital Film Crew
-Software Expert
-FireFly Champion 
-Young Technition 
-Social Media Consultant

Archie Baitup
        – 🙂 
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